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Poster: billymays55 Date: Apr 17, 2013 2:04am
Forum: feature_films Subject: Fradulent Renewals (Richard Feiner & Faggots Inc.)

Just wanted to let everyone know as I've never seen anyone point it out. I've even seen people ask if a movie is PD here on Archive and someone responds and says "Nope it's renewed" and they post a renewal by Richard Feiner & Company. WRONG. Not valid. Just because a movie was renewed, that don't mean shit. YOU HAVE TO SEE WHO RENEWED IT.

All renewals by this Richard Feiner are fraudulent. He is just like Raymond Rohauer and Wade Williams.

Let's take a look at this one for example.

South of Saint Louis. By United States
Pictures, Inc. C 12Mar49; L2210.
Eichard Feiner and Company, Inc. (PHH)
28thApr76: pe33782.

Feel free to upload this movie if anybody here has it.

He also renewed Only The Valiant (1951) in the 29th year.

What a fucking dumbass!!

Fuck this faggot!

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Poster: billymays55 Date: Apr 19, 2013 5:41am
Forum: feature_films Subject: Re: Fradulent Renewals (Richard Feiner & Faggots Inc.)

Here's another one:

Pursued. By Hemisphere Films, Inc.
11 reels. © 8Mar47; L1108. Richard
Feiner and Company, Inc. (PWH);
10May74; R576618.